Банк точка шаблон

Hybrid approaches: the best of both worlds We have found that in many cases it makes sense to combine the techniques of sbank with the geometric lattic algorithm to produce a template bank. Command line options: lalapps_cbc_sbank The command line options read as follows $ lalapps_cbc_sbank —help Usage: lalapps_cbc_sbank: This program generates a template bank for compact binary searches covering a given region of mass and spin parameter space. Set minimum mass of the first component. —mass1-max=MASS Required. Republican capture of the White House in 1800 and continued control did not bode well for the Bank, and when its first charter expired in 1811, the Senate rejected a bid to renew it. Set the low-frequency cutoff to use for the match caluclation. —match-min=MATCH_MIN Set minimum match of the bank.

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